effect of auxiliary cathode on plasma nitriding behavior

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Effect of auxiliary cathode on plasma nitriding behavior

Aug 30, 2019 · The distance between the auxiliary cathode and the alloy steel noticeably affected the plasma nitriding kinetics of the Cr12MoV alloy steel. As the distance increases, the thickness of the compound layer and the microhardness of the nitrided layer increase first followed by a decrease. Effect of auxiliary cathode on plasma nitriding behavior The thicker and more uniform compound layers with more surface hardness were achieved using the auxiliary cathode. About 70% of nitriding process time was saved by Comparison of auxiliary cathode and conventional plasma Sep 01, 2016 · The effect of the auxiliary cathode on plasma nitriding of gamma-TiAl was studied in this paper. The following conclusions were reached:(1) Due to the high Al content of -TiAl, the conventional plasma nitriding of this alloy is a time consuming and low efficiency process. (2) Comparison of auxiliary cathode and conventional plasma Request PDF Comparison of auxiliary cathode and conventional plasma nitriding of gamma-TiAl alloy Effect of auxiliary cathode (ACN) and conventional plasma nitriding (CPN) processes on surface Effect of plasma nitriding potential on tribological Effect of auxiliary cathode on plasma nitriding behavior of Cr12MoV alloy steel The corrosive wear behavior of three gas nitriding treatments (72h, 90h and 120h) on nitrided steel (BS 970 Effect of plasma electrolytic nitriding on the corrosion Apr 01, 2019 · A schematic diagram of the plasma electrolytic nitriding device is shown in Fig. 1(a). A DC power supply was applied in the cathode plasma electrolytic nitriding treatment. A computer was connected to the power supply to instantaneously output the value of the current and voltage. Plasma nitriding of AISI 304 austenitic stainless steel The utilization of controllable hollow cathode effect for heating in plasma nitriding furnace was studied in this work. Assisted with the hollow cathode effect (HCE) arising between two coaxial Effects of plasma nitriding on mechanical and tribological Feb 25, 2008 · The aim of this study is to determine the nitriding behavior of forged CoCrMo alloy. To achieve this goal, plasma nitriding treatments have been applied at various temperatures and time periods. Structural and tribological properties have been investigated using SEM, XRD, microhardness and pin-on-disc tribotester. NITRIDED EN -31 STEEL ABRASIVE WEAR BEHAVIOR OF 2.2. Plasma nitriding In the present study some of the samples (76 25 10 mm) were cut from EN-31 steel and nitrided. The samples surface was ground with various grades of SiC emery paper (100, 300, 500 and 600) and then polished. Plasma nitriding was carried out with essential arrangements of vacuum system and auxiliary heating at CTR, Ludhiana Transition of Discharge Mode of a Local Hollow Cathode Observation of the hollow cathode effect from a dielectric cathode Hyeon Seok Hwang, Jin Young Oh, Youn Sang Kim et al.-Optimization of hollow cathode discharge electrode for damage free remote plasma removal process for semiconductor manufacturing Tae S. Cho, Qing Han, Dongqing Yang et al.-Recent citations Effect of auxiliary cathode on plasma Investigation of admixed gas effect on plasma nitriding of Nitriding of AISI 316L austeitic stainless steel was analyzed with plasma diagnostics. Thickness and nitrogen content increased with the population of N 2 + species in plasma.. Formation of nitride layer rarely observed when using Ar-N 2 plasma. ~4 m-thick nitride layer was formed within 10 nin under the optimized H 2-N 2 plasma.. The effects of H 2-N 2 plasma on nitriding are not Plasma Nitriding of ium Alloys IntechOpenMay 20, 2015 · Under the influence of the applied electric field, electrons accelerating from the cathode (workpiece) toward the anode collide with gas molecules of the nitriding atmosphere and generate an environment of positive and negative ions, electrons, and neutral and energetic atoms (e.g., plasma) within a few millimeters from the cathode. Controlled Hollow Cathode Effect:New Possibilities for The uncontrolled hollow cathode effect may arise in dc plasma surface treatment (nitriding, nitrocarburizing, etc.) of steel parts having small-diameter holes or narrow channels. Surface hardening of laser melting deposited 12CrNi2 alloy Sep 15, 2020 · Similar to plasma nitriding, the plasma density directly affects the carburizing kinetics. It has been reported that the plasma density of the gas glow discharge can be greatly increased by 23 orders of magnitude through using a hollow cathode discharge (HCD) [ 11 ]. Coatings Free Full-Text Investigation of the Surface This paper presents an auxiliary heating method to maintain a uniform specimen temperature and precisely control nitriding temperature during plasma nitriding. The surface properties and wear properties of AISI H11 steel treated by auxiliary heating plasma nitriding are investigated. Firstly, the specimens with different diffusion layers and different hardness levels are fabricated through Acceleration of Plasma Nitriding at 550 °C with Rare Earth In order to explore the effect of the addition of rare earth (RE) to a steel microstructure and the consequent performance of a nitrided layer, plasma nitriding was carried out on 38CrMoAl steel in an atmosphere of NH3 at 550 °C for 4, 8, and 12 h. The modified layers were characterized using an optical microscope (OM), a microhardness tester, X-ray diffraction (XRD), a scanning electron Effect of duty cycle on surface properties of AISI 4340 Plasma nitriding process is accomplished in a vacuum chamber where the sample is directly connected to a cathode. High voltage is applied between the cathode and the anode, being the vessel walls acting as the anode, to generate plasma in a gas mixture, usually at rough vacuum (0.75-10 torr) [6]. Ion nitriding process is usually preceded Structural Characterization and Residual Stress of Plasma 8, 14, 15]. A. Akbari and his colleagues have reported the effect of initial microstructure on plasma nitriding and wear behavior of AISI M2 steel. They have shown that plasma nitriding increased the surface hardness of sample by 330%[6, 16]. Ali H. Asharan and Qian Zou have studied, the tribological and Metallurgical Mechanical and Wear Properties of 42CrMo Steel by Plasma Plasma nitriding is a plasma-activated thermochemical method widely used to increase the fatigue strength, hardness and wear resistance of low-alloy steels. In this work, a new structure consisting of a hollow cathode metal plate can produce a hollow cathode discharge and The Role of Activated Nitrogen Species on Double Recently, plasma-assisted nitriding technology. 1-6, and screen nitriding process and its applications. 7-9. that utilizes nitrogen atom with auxiliary electrode has been deeply studied because they are able to produce compound-layer-free nitriding layers on steel alloys and thick nitriding Cathodic Cage Plasma Pre-treatment of TiN-Coated AISI-304 Dec 03, 2018 · The plasma nitriding of the TiN-coated steel samples was performed in a cathodic cage plasma nitriding system, as shown schematically in Fig. 1. The plasma nitriding system was formed by placing a metal screen at cathodic potential (cathodic cage) inside a Effect of Electrolyte Composition on Characteristics of Feb 26, 2013 · In this article, the effect of electrolyte composition on the characteristics of generated layer by plasma electrolytic nitrocarburizing process is studied. The characterization of the layer was carried out by means of SEM, x-ray diffraction, and EIS techniques. The relationship between workpiece temperature and the chemical composition of electrolyte was determined during the process. Three Enhancement of Wear and Corrosion Resistance in Medium Sep 18, 2019 · The effect of plasma electrolytic polishing on the characteristics of medium carbon steel after anodic nitriding in a nitratechloride electrolyte was investigated. The structure, morphology, and phase composition of the layers were studied using an x-ray diffractometer and a metallographic microscope. Nitrided and polished specimens were tested under dry friction conditions with a counter

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